Running Away From My Church Novel MessnerBefore there was time, before you and me,

The whole earth it trembled in glad harmony,

Great mysteries abounded, the sky never darkened,

All waters they flowed, from the fountain of youth.


The prairies they chanted, the mountains they roared

The forests they whispered, this heavenly song.

La, la la la la, la la la la la la,

La la la la, la la la la la.

From author Robert Messner comes an epic tale of religion and madness in the heartland of America. Just 16-years-old, Joe’s despair increases daily as he watches his family become trapped within the machinations of the devious yet charming Pastor Tom. Soon, his mother’s devotion to this fundamentalist church and its leader threatens to tear the family apart. Can Joe act quickly enough to save his family and his girlfriend before time runs out? To what lengths will he go to help his family escape from this cult? From start to the shocking finish, Running Away From My Church will keep you up late into the night and make you question everything you have ever known about American Christianity.