Why Must Christians Defend Gun Rights?

The reactions from Left and Right are all too predictable in the wake of the Parkland shootings. My social media feeds are overflowing with self serving proclamations, dubious statistics, hateful name calling, and all around foolishness. As usual, both  sides are screaming at each other and no one is really listening.

I get the Left’s position on gun control. If we want to prevent these national tragedies, we should make it as difficult as possible for people to get their hands on assault rifles. Even if these guns can be obtained via illegal channels, why make it easy for a potential mass murderer to buy one? Close the legal channel first and then go after the other channels. I believe that common sense is on the side of more gun control.

I say this while at the same time acknowledging that Liberals are a bunch of hypocrites; their never ending tantrums about gun control ring hollow when one considers their stance on abortion and euthanasia. But those are separate issues and we should treat them as such. The Left could be right on gun control and wrong about plenty else.

I am willing to let Liberals howl all they want about gun control, no matter their insincere motives or inconsistencies. We do have a problem with guns in this country and this issue must stay front and center within the national conversation until it is addressed by Congress.

What I don’t get is why Christian Conservatives are always putting themselves in the unenviable position of defending guns. And not just defending guns, but embracing and cherishing them as if they are an integral part of the faith. Since when did the Second Amendment become a chapter in the Bible? Since when did the right to purchase assault weapons become synonymous with upholding and protecting our religious freedoms? Are we not just as hypocritical as our opponents when we use our faith to defend these metal objects that have brought so much death and despair upon our own people?

And how does our espousal of gun rights jive with the Gospel? How can we share the love of Christ with others while at the same time fight for the rights of Americans to purchase their very own weapons of mass destruction? And how does promoting gun rights go along with the Two Great Commandments that Christ gave us? To love the Lord  with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourself? There is absolutely no common ground between gun rights and the Gospel! We just end up looking like foolish hypocrites when we attempt to argue for guns within the context of our faith.

It’s time for Christians to stop promoting gun rights. We should never be in the position of defending guns, and especially not assault rifles. Let us save our energies for showing the love of Christ to those who have lost loved ones in these tragedies and for supporting positions that do stem from our faith. Yes, we must stop even if it means giving into the Liberals for once.

20 thoughts on “Why Must Christians Defend Gun Rights?

  1. Do you lock your doors when you turn in for the night? Why not just trust the Lord, leave the door unlocked for your neighbor who you love, while they may be in need during the middle of the night? Do you have children? What would you do if a rapist/murderer were raping your 12 year old daughter and you had access to a firearm? Would you love the rapist/murderer, just watch and pray while your daughter was raped and killed, or would you in the name of righteousness and justice do what was necessary to stop it — evil kill if necessary? Yes, in this country the law says we have the “right to keep and bear arms” under the Second Amendment which is a document of “We The People” (the government); which is fully sanctioned by Romans 13. Having read the Word of God some 100+ times; I have never read anywhere that a man should not protect his family. Matter fact, the Word of God says that a man who does not provide for his family is “worse than an infidel; and I believe security is a provision for a man’s family. I also recall in Nehemiah as the wall was being rebuilt; the laborers carried a trowel in one hand to labor with, and a sword in the other for self-defense. I rest my case.

  2. Because without the guns numbnuts you have no way of enforcing your other rights.

    Like the right to practice Christianity.

    As a Christian I will continue to fully support and fight to defend AND EXPAND my gun rights.

    Someday, when Christ returns, we can beat our swords into plowshares. But not until then.

    1. Where in the Bible are we commanded to take up arms in order to defend our rights to practice Christianity? Chapter and Verse would be nice.

  3. With so many Christians being slaughtered in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and other ME garden spots, you still fail to see any connection between defending yourself and defending your faith?

    Luke 22:36 – “…if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

    I wonder if one of those Coptics or Assyrians, if handed an ‘assault rifle’ at the moment of their slaughter, would throw that assault rifle away in disgust, rather than shoot their beheader?
    Would one of the 17 slaughtered children in Florida have thrown down that rifle out of Christian disgust, or instead shoot the killer?
    Fanatics throw their lives away to be martyrs, where the righteous defend lives to be saints.

    1. “Fanatics throw their lives away to be martyrs, where the righteous defend lives to be saints.”

      Wow. Where is this scripture located? I’ve never seen it before…

      1. Yeah, it sounded good. Book of Aeric. With maybe some Martin Luther thrown in.

        Squirrel aside- do any of the comments here make you think that maybe it’s not the type of gun that should be the focus of concern here, but the wielder of that tool? That it’s not the AR-15 that is mental, but the murderer?
        And thank you for your time. I don’t comment very often, and only on the smaller sites, and appreciate the responses.

        1. So it couldn’t possibly be both? It couldn’t be that yes, the person holding the gun is responsible for his actions but that we also need to do something about the gun? Why is it always either/or with Evangelicals? Sometimes it’s okay to find some middle ground and recognize that problems like these are complex and require more than one solution.

    2. Aeric, you have some very good thoughts here. I once heard a very effective sermon on this topic, preached by a man who works for a Bible study organization and carries fire arms. He exposited the passage that you mentioned, telling how Jesus instructed the disciples to defend themselves. This preacher also mentioned another passage about the Garden of Gethsemane where Christ rebuked Peter for attempting to kill the servant of the high priest. The preacher brought out the difference between the two situations; If Peter had ‘saved’ Jesus from going to the cross (which, by the way, he could not do because Christ’s death was God’s plan) just for the sake of the argument; though, if Peter had accomplished his goal, Jesus would not have died and therefore, our sins could never be forgiven. The preacher pointed out that self defense and especially defense of the innocent is a just cause. Christ commanded this way for his disciples; however, if a person is in a situation where the Gospel is on the line, that time is the one exception to the justice of defense because the Gospel should always have precedence. Some may wonder how this principle applies to Christians today; after all, Jesus already died. The same exact situation cannot come up again. The answer is the example of martyrs, those who are told, ‘either deny Christ, or die’. In a situation such as that, killing the executioner would spread a bad name for Christ. One of the main points of being a Christian is sacrificing self for Christ. However, defending oneself against a criminal is just, and does not harm the gospel. As Mr. Wrenn points out, trusting God does not mean avoiding normal precautions. Neither does loving others mean helping a criminal commit his crime by not trying to prevent it.
      The discussion thus far has dealt with the spiritual aspect of the Gun Control. While this is certainly the most important issue on any topic, the Political aspect also deserves some consideration. One issue Mr. Messner brought up in his article is the concern that protecting Gun Rights will only lead to more shootings because of the ease with which criminals can obtain weapons. While I understand his concern, he has missed an important point; laws against guns will prevent most people, except criminals from having guns. Criminals are already willing to disregard laws, so getting illegal guns would not likely cause them to loose any sleep. Honest citizens, on the other hand, would most likely obey the law, or simply not have access to illegal weapons. The result, Criminals would still be able to cause shootings, only no one would be able to stop them. Shootings across America would be worse than they already are. Some may be quick to point out that police officers exist, and they carry guns. Of course, this is true, but as Owen Amos, author for BBC News points out in his article “Six radical ways to tackle US school shootings”, police cannot always arrive right away, and often, several people have already been killed by the time the authorities show up (2cnd header). If citizens, especially teachers are equipped with guns, they can save many innocent lives before it is too late. If Christians do not stand up for Gun Rights, they are not being truly loving. These believers are pushing the rights of criminals who legally and morally should be punished, instead of protecting innocent lives such as these children. This issue is why Christians should support Gun Rights.

  4. Taking some heat are we, Robert?

    I really don’t care what caliber the weapon is, whether rifle or handgun, try harming my family or any other innocent one if I am armed, and unfettered instinct will kick in. That may mean death for someone involved. This should be instinctive and intuitive in humans, to protect innocent life, and it is from God. It is part of our God-given natures. Do not imagine God is in opposition to such thinking, and do not confuse the evangel of the grace of God with this issue. It has nothing to do with salvation for either the perp or the defender. God is the Savior of all men, specially them which believe. No one is lost “forever”.
    If it is just me that is threatened, I may hesitate, and end up dead, failing to use force to defend myself, uncertain about what to do. I would not hesitate if others are involved who are innocent. The Scriptures a filled with examples of taking the lives of evil men who have targeted the innocent. The defenders were never vilified by God for their choice. God demands justice.
    Jesus preached a kingdom and it’s rules in His sermon on the Mount. That kingdom failed to appear due to Israel’s defection, and God locked up His people in stubbornness until the Gentile complement, the body of Christ, is filled. That sermon, while containing the precepts that mirror the heart of God, has no place in this economy of grace and faith which we have. That kingdom is a kingdom of works and repentance, not faith alone. We are not a part of that movement of God.
    So, to draw parallels from the Gospels for standing on this issue, removing the whole counsel of God, and seeking to appeal to the Lord’s teaching of “non-violence” in an era where such things do not apply, is unwise. Noble, but flawed in its premise.

  5. I am not suggesting that Christians shouldn’t defend themselves. I am not even suggesting that Christians shouldn’t own guns. After all, gun control is not about banning guns; it’s about limiting the types of guns that can be purchased. I only ask why it is that American Christians have taken up gun rights as “their” issue. Why are Christians so adamant about defending the rights of Americans to purchase assault rifles? Is this the issue on which we really want to be standing?

    Did you see what happened in Louisiana last year when a Republican congresswoman attempted to introduce a bill into the state legislature that would make it a criminal act to carry Air Soft Guns or other replicas to school? She was just about run out of town by Republicans and the bill failed.

    Conservatives love their guns way too much. So much so that they have lost all common sense about this issue.

    1. Some thoughts:
      Just to clarify: ‘the AR in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. “AR” does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” AR-15-style rifles are NOT “assault weapons” or “assault rifles.”’
      While they look similar, the rifles that civilians can get, and the rifles that the military would use, you know, for actual assaults, are two different tools.
      I keep reading that a semi-auto rifle is bad because you can kill a lot of people in a short amount of time. But the Virginia Tech shooter only had pistols and spent hours killing people. So just banning ‘efficient’ weapons isn’t the answer. (I use the word ‘efficient’ just to be efficient, here.)
      If islamic jihadists over in Europe can’t get guns, they just switch to trucks and kill dozens in a few minutes. Ban AAT’s – automatic assault trucks?
      In summary: it’s the wielder, not the weapon, that needs control.

      1. AR may not stand for assault rifle but it is one bump stock away from being one. There are experts who insist that an AR-15 should be considered an assault weapon even though it is not classified as one.

    2. It is called “demonizing”, and if that did occur, then she was justly rebuked. Insinuating that such a bill addresses the real issue, which is mentally unstable individuals who will harm others with anything they can get their hands on, is ridiculous. Thinking and reasonable people understand the 2nd Amendment is a protection device for us, against crime and tyranny. Only a foolish person would think otherwise. Knowing that the populace is armed and defensible of itself is the primary reason this Republic has lasted as long as it has.

      While God is in control of all things according to His own purposes, He is not involved in men’s governments. He does not favor one over the other. He despises all self-rule, whether national or individual. Apart from His Son being on the throne, all are illegitimate pretenders and will fail in the end as He has said. The Noahic Covenant is still in effect, contrary to what some may wish to believe, and prevention murder and tyranny is part of that.

      1. So you think it’s acceptable for kids to carry replicas of guns to school? I’m not suggesting that banning replicas will solve all of our problems but it’s a common sense measure that Republicans opposed for no good reason.

  6. The United States was the only country founded on the principle of being able to believe freely. The reason? A tyrannical government in Britain that didn’t allow them to freely worship whoever they want. So when the Christians came over to the United States, they ensured that we had the ability to protect ourselves from goverment overreach. The constitution is built on god-given rights that can’t be taken away from you by any authority. Among them, the right to bear arms.

  7. Don’t let the failures of a few evil people tarnish the reputation of a whole group. People have done it to Muslims, and they’re trying to do it to responsible gun owners.

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