The Sounds of Silence

I am currently in the midst of a fiery trial. The events of the past six months have tested my faith like never before. I had always heard about people going through storms like this one; I just never realized how bad it could get. Thanks be to God, all is not lost. I am not lost. The wind and the waves are finally abating. And I am thankful for the many valuable lessons I have learned throughout the ordeal.

One of these important lessons has been on the importance of silence.

Have you ever tried being silent for a few minutes? I don’t just mean closing your mouth. I mean being alone with yourself and really quieting your mind.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. In this digital age, our minds are conditioned to be constantly on the intake – we feed off of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, texts messages and much more – our troubled souls are somehow comforted (or numbed) by this never ending stream of news, gossip, and entertainment. Time slips by unaware; information helps us cope with boredom and loneliness. Continue reading “The Sounds of Silence”