Why Must Christians Defend Gun Rights?

The reactions from Left and Right are all too predictable in the wake of the Parkland shootings. My social media feeds are overflowing with self serving proclamations, dubious statistics, hateful name calling, and all around foolishness. As usual, both  sides are screaming at each other and no one is really listening.

I get the Left’s position on gun control. If we want to prevent these national tragedies, we should make it as difficult as possible for people to get their hands on assault rifles. Even if these guns can be obtained via illegal channels, why make it easy for a potential mass murderer to buy one? Close the legal channel first and then go after the other channels. I believe that common sense is on the side of more gun control.

I say this while at the same time acknowledging that Liberals are a bunch of hypocrites; their never ending tantrums about gun control ring hollow when one considers their stance on abortion and euthanasia. But those are separate issues and we should treat them as such. The Left could be right on gun control and wrong about plenty else. Continue reading “Why Must Christians Defend Gun Rights?”